First Week: OVER!

Hero’s Journey

It’s just been over a week since I started the Hero’s Journey.  I’ve been sore beyond belief on most days, and still currently am, but I’ve been actually enjoying it!  The exercises only take about 30 minutes every day and I’ve found that I’ve been sleeping better, my energy levels are higher and my mood is better, especially in the mornings.  Another bonus, I’m down to 142.7 lbs as of Saturday night, so I actually went down 3.1 lbs in a week.  I wasn’t expecting this at all since I figured I’d be building up muscle which would counter any fat loss.  I ended up taking rest days on Friday and Monday because unfortunately life got in the way, so today I completed Day 7 of the program.

Yay, Gaming!

My boyfriend was working all weekend so I FINALLY got some quality gaming time in.  During the summer I usually game less since I’m doing more outside, but it had been a good 2 weeks since I’d been able to log on for longer than 30-60 minutes or so.  I continued levelling away in Final Fantasy 14 and managed to go up to levels and get to level 54.  I feel like I’m falling so far behind since a lot of people I play with are already heading into the first raid of the expansion.  I know I’ll get there eventually though.

My Free Company is absolutely fantastic though.  After expressing much frustration about questing in a certain area, 2 of them decided to come help me out. No idea what was happening but mobs from a room over were aggroing to me, despite the fact I was 2 levels higher than they were.  With an extra dps and a healer we made short work of the place.

I then conned 7 people into doing Ravana with me, thus completely avoiding the Duty Finder!  It was definitely a trial by fire because the only explanation I got was “Kill butterflies”. Needless to say, there was quite a few more mechanics than that.  I only died once though, and I couldn’t even tell you what got me, and we killed him in one attempt.  I had a lot of fun, and doing a full FC group really reminded me how much fun I had raiding and doing content with everyone.  Hopefully, I can get some more time in soon and reach 60.  The next hurdle, is the next storied instance, Sohm Al. Bring on the dragons!


Day 2 Mini-Post

Oh god, I am so freaking sore.  Day 2 saw the first RPG-like choice we had to make.  The scenario is that we meet a stranger at a crossroads who needs help.  We could either choose to mind our own business for a lighter workout or get involved for something more intense.  Naturally, I chose to stick my nose in it.

I ended up torturing myself with 5 sets of 60 reps of high knees and 20 jab-jab-cross-squat combos. That’s 100 more squats on top of the 60 I did on Day 1.  My thighs are absolutely hating me right now.  But I did it!

These specific days with choices are called Karma days and there are consequences depending on what you chose to do.  Getting involved and being a Big Damn Hero is going to save me 1 rep on Day 7. Yay!

A Journey Begins With A Single Step

Blog Debut

For several reasons I thought the title of today’s post was appropriate. The first is that I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while but found the prospect daunting.  Not only do I somehow need to continue generating content but what if no one likes it?  Every time I finally mustered up the confidence to actually start I’d hit the blog creation boss and that would be the end.  I’ll probably still tweak the layout and colours but I’m done with waiting for it to be perfect before starting, because I know it will never be perfect.  So this is me taking that first step in my new blogging adventure.

Hero’s Journey

The second reason for the title is that yesterday was the first day of the Hero’s Journey fitness program by Darebee.  Chestnut linked the program on Twitter and after some interest from others and a (my) suggestion it was decided to make it into a challenge for our FFXIV Free Company, Greysky Armada and friends.  She’s spearheading that, so head on over to her blog for more details if you’re interested in joining us. The challenge is 60 days long and while there’s a point system there’s no “winner”. Doing this as a group is a way to keep me accountable and finish it.  There’s nothing like others guilting you into doing something.

I’ll be using the Hero’s Journey to kickstart my blogging career and get into the habit of posting regularly.  I’ll at least have a weekly progress update but I expect to post every few days with my thoughts on the challenges and successes I’m having.  I’m hoping that as I get more comfortable with writing that these will morph into daily “slice of life” musings that aren’t restricted to the subject of Hero’s Journey.

Day One

The challenge just started and I thought it worth to establish baselines. Below you’ll find my official “before” pictures and starting weight.  I’m not exactly comfortable with putting that information out there, especially the pictures, but I feel like it’s precisely for that reason I need to do it. To show myself how far I’ve come once the journey has ended.

Before (Weight at 145.8 lbs)


The first day of the challenge had me tackle 60 reps each of leg raises, squats, hopping toe taps and mountain climbers. This is the level 1 difficulty with level 2 having 100 reps of each. I would have tried reaching for level if it hadn’t been for the squats. They absolutely killed me! But I at least got the 60 down, I feel great (if a little sore) and looking forward to today’s exercise!