Sanity in Question

I think it’s about time I do another update on my fitness program.  Yes, I still am keeping up with the Hero’s Journey! The first week of August was a bit of a write off though.  I did manage to do a bit but only 2 out of 9 days, oops.  I didn’t feel too bad about skipping the first weekend since I was fairly active.  I did a lot of walking and went dancing for 3 hours on Saturday night.  I was kind of funny when I hit my step goal for Sunday before 9am since I woke up at 8:30.

Then I got thrown off track with having to work out of town for a few days and I had to kiss my routine goodbye. I gave myself the following weekend to relax and just try to get my focus back and it worked!  I’ve done my exercises every day for the past 5 days and done all bonus quests and moved up to level 2 on a few routines.  I’m feeling really good about it all!  I’ve stopped weighing myself for now because I haven’t been moving.  Not sure if it’s the muscle gain or something else, but looking at the scale was depressing me.  Instead, I’m focusing on how I’m feeling and the other minor changes that have happened since starting to exercise.

Just a few days I started doing the Hero’s Journey, some of my coworkers decided to get together at lunch every 2 weeks  to discuss health and fitness.  It’s a bit of a club and we meet to discuss our fitness goals and exchange tips in an effort to motivate each other on living healthier lives.  It’s been great and there’s a wide variety of fitness levels attending these meetings so everyone gets something out of it.

As a group we decided to enter a company team into a 5k walk/run for charity next month.  Well, I’ve started the exercise thing, but I haven’t done anything remotely resembling running in over a year.  It IS a walk/run so I could technically walk the whole thing, but I decided I want to challenge myself even more.  I’ve decided to start the Couch to 5k program on top of the Hero’s Journey.  I’m going to try to do both simultaneously but life does get into the way sometimes, so on some days I might just run and take a rest day from Hero’s Journey.

I am questioning my sanity slightly, but I plan to complete Tough Mudder next summer. I know the more effort I put into it now, the easier it’ll be later.


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