A Missing Presence

I had all the intentions to finish up the 2nd half of my Beer 101 review today, but I doubt I’ll get to it at this point.  I’m having a lot of trouble focusing, so I apologize if this post is disjointed.

This morning I woke up in a bit of a fog, despite sleeping very well, and the first thing I saw was a birthday notification for a friend who passed last winter. It’s hard to think that it’s already been close to 8 months since he’s passed.  Just the other day I got news about convention guests and thought “He’ll be so excited to find out about this!” before reality came crashing down.

In the grand scheme of things we weren’t really that close. We never hung out much or kept regular contact beyond Twitter, but he’d been a constant in my life for several years.  He was the type of person you could always count on cheering you up and always had a smile even though life dealt him a shitty hand.  I miss him so much and the world is a darker place with him gone.

Happy Birthday, Tai. Hope you’re having a grand ol’ time.


One thought on “A Missing Presence

  1. I know the feeling. The other day when I walked out of my job interview, I felt so completely lost. For every other interview I ever had, my first thought was always to call my mom, so I could share my excitement/feel bad about how I screwed up/bitch about something I felt was unfair.

    Since she’s gone, the rest of the day felt hollow, empty, and incomplete.

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