Beer 101 Thoughts (Part 1)

My favourite local watering hole hosts a “Beer 101” once a month.  The title is a little misleading since it’s not really a beer for beginners thing.  It’s a tasting event where you’ll sample 6 different craft brews with a complementary food pairing for each one.  Throughout the session there would be little facts and tidbits about the history and making of beer. Both me and the boyfriend are beer lovers so we try to catch as many of these as we can. And success! Last week we managed to make it out so I thought I’d write down my thoughts on the event.

Beer #1 Lugtread Michelada

A Michelada is similar to a Bloody Mary (or Caesar) except instead of vodka it’s beer mixed with tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce and some lime juice.  This is the first time they’ve served “beer cocktails” and while it wasn’t terrible, I’d have preferred the beer by itself.  The beer that was used is one of my favourite lighter beers.  It was Lug-Tread lagered ale from Beau’s All Natural.

The drink was paired with breaded shrimp wrapped in lettuce with a bit of cocktail sauce and garlic aoli drizzled on top. It paired very nicely but this was a little unsurprising since Caesars are often garnished with a shrimp on the glass.

Beer #2 Limp Puppet from Great Lakes Brewery

Limp Puppet is an 3.8% Unfiltered IPA and it was paired with a sharp parmesan cheese.  I was pleasantly surprised with Limp Puppet since I’m normally not a fan of IPAs.  I tend to find them entirely too hoppy for my tastes but this one was really nice.  The hop flavour was present, but muted and it had a lot of fruity notes that toned down the harshness of the hops. This pairing while excellent, kind of got lost a little between the other two pairings of this half of the night, but it was a wonderful palate cleanser.

Beer #3 Portes de l’Enfer from Stack Brewery

Portes is a 7% Biere de Garde (“keeping beer”). I’ve had this one before so I don’t have much  initial thoughts.  It’s quite tasty and enjoyable despite it’s higher alcohol content but not a favourite.

The highlight of this one was the food pairing which was SCOTCH EGGS!  You have no idea how happy I was to have these because they’re pretty much non-existent in the area.  For those of you who don’t know what they are, scotch eggs are soft-boiled eggs, wrapped in meat, battered and deep fried.  These particular ones were wrapped in prosciutto but they’re often covered in ground pork sausage.  They’re apparently a new menu item and I’m ecstatic I can finally  cure my cravings for this dish.

Stay tuned for part 2


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