Gaming Goals

I’m really struggling when it comes to thinking up topics for Blaugust posts. Many of the prompts I’ve been seeing are gaming related, but I’m not playing anything other than FFXIV.  I’m not keeping up with a whole lot of gaming news either.  Whenever I see Twitter blow up (good or bad) about something I tend to just ignore it for the rest of the day.  I’m just not that interested anymore.  That being said, I still do listen to game recommendations and I still consider myself a gamer.  I just think I’m a little burnt out.  So the one prompt I’m running with is:

What are your gaming goals?

Philosophically: Well that’s simple, to have fun with a group of like-minded people, preferably friends.  I’ve realized in the past couple of years that unless a game is short, it won’t stick with me if I can’t play with my friends.  The exception being PVP. I hate PVP. I still love RPGs and action/adventure games, but I find myself getting bored about 6-10 hours in and dropping them completely. (RIP Ni No Kuni and Dragon Age)  I get sad when I see people rave about games like that because I know that I’ll never see them to the end.  Having the option to play with others, even if it’s just interacting in the chat, seems to keep me from getting bored and I can continue playing a game hundreds of hours later.

I have a few goals in my games that I want to set for myself.  I want to level up to 60 in FFXIV, finish Final Fantasy 5 for the Four Job Fiesta, Hatoful Boyfriend as well as Astebreed.  This is in order of priority and hopefully to finish by the end of August. It’ll provide me with more Blaugust content too, so even more incentive!

To many, this doesn’t seem much of a challenge, but the summer is always incredibly busy for me.  The weekend is usually when I do the majority of my gaming and thus far I’ve been lucky to have one free every month. Once September hits, everything should slow down and I’ll get the chance to catch up with everything.


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