Rekindling Childhood Hobbies

This week I’m working out of town. I’m a little excited because it’s the first time I’ve been taken to a client review but on the other hand, ugh clients. My mom’s always happy when I get the opportunity to work at the other office because I end up staying with my parents.

Unfortunately this means I don’t get to play any FFXIV this week. I just want to finally get to 60 and start playing with the rest of my Free Company. The story has been really good so far though, and the leveling experience is a lot more enjoyable than most other MMOs I’ve played over the years. The 1-50 content can be a little tedious but with Heavensward they really seem to have refined the experience. I can’t wait to jump back in and see what happens next.


Not being able to game means that I need to find other ways to entertain myself and fill my evenings. Last night, while sitting in front of the TV, I was perusing the app store on my tablet looking for a simple, mindless game to pass the time. I stumbled upon Colorfy, a mobile colouring app and suddenly the evening was gone. I was transported back to my childhood where I spent many hours filling black and white pages full of colour. It’s such a simple but powerful joy.

My mom was sitting on the couch next to me and after a while inquired as to what I was doing. She was immediately interested but didn’t like the fact that it was a digital medium. She’d much prefer colouring on paper. Suddenly we were looking up various adult colouring books. And earlier tonight we went out to the book store and purchased some with shiny new colouring pencils.

You guys have no idea how excited I am to get started on this book. I’ll grace your eyeballs with the creations that I’m most proud of soon enough.



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