Day 2 Mini-Post

Oh god, I am so freaking sore.  Day 2 saw the first RPG-like choice we had to make.  The scenario is that we meet a stranger at a crossroads who needs help.  We could either choose to mind our own business for a lighter workout or get involved for something more intense.  Naturally, I chose to stick my nose in it.

I ended up torturing myself with 5 sets of 60 reps of high knees and 20 jab-jab-cross-squat combos. That’s 100 more squats on top of the 60 I did on Day 1.  My thighs are absolutely hating me right now.  But I did it!

These specific days with choices are called Karma days and there are consequences depending on what you chose to do.  Getting involved and being a Big Damn Hero is going to save me 1 rep on Day 7. Yay!


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