A Journey Begins With A Single Step

Blog Debut

For several reasons I thought the title of today’s post was appropriate. The first is that I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while but found the prospect daunting.  Not only do I somehow need to continue generating content but what if no one likes it?  Every time I finally mustered up the confidence to actually start I’d hit the blog creation boss and that would be the end.  I’ll probably still tweak the layout and colours but I’m done with waiting for it to be perfect before starting, because I know it will never be perfect.  So this is me taking that first step in my new blogging adventure.

Hero’s Journey

The second reason for the title is that yesterday was the first day of the Hero’s Journey fitness program by Darebee.  Chestnut linked the program on Twitter and after some interest from others and a (my) suggestion it was decided to make it into a challenge for our FFXIV Free Company, Greysky Armada and friends.  She’s spearheading that, so head on over to her blog for more details if you’re interested in joining us. The challenge is 60 days long and while there’s a point system there’s no “winner”. Doing this as a group is a way to keep me accountable and finish it.  There’s nothing like others guilting you into doing something.

I’ll be using the Hero’s Journey to kickstart my blogging career and get into the habit of posting regularly.  I’ll at least have a weekly progress update but I expect to post every few days with my thoughts on the challenges and successes I’m having.  I’m hoping that as I get more comfortable with writing that these will morph into daily “slice of life” musings that aren’t restricted to the subject of Hero’s Journey.

Day One

The challenge just started and I thought it worth to establish baselines. Below you’ll find my official “before” pictures and starting weight.  I’m not exactly comfortable with putting that information out there, especially the pictures, but I feel like it’s precisely for that reason I need to do it. To show myself how far I’ve come once the journey has ended.

Before (Weight at 145.8 lbs)


The first day of the challenge had me tackle 60 reps each of leg raises, squats, hopping toe taps and mountain climbers. This is the level 1 difficulty with level 2 having 100 reps of each. I would have tried reaching for level if it hadn’t been for the squats. They absolutely killed me! But I at least got the 60 down, I feel great (if a little sore) and looking forward to today’s exercise!


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